Betsafe Poker on the Go!

This year Betsafe Poker is the hottest online poker spot bringing your players tons of high-value promotions, tens of thousands of euros in guarantees and live event tickets. The World’s biggest OFC Poker site just got even bigger with Texas Hold’em, PLO and hundreds of thousands of euros to give away in live event tickets, leagues and online series.

Booming with tons of exclusive deals Betsafe Poker is a combination of Open Face Chinese poker and the regular poker games – Texas Hold’em and Pot Limit Omaha. All those to join can receive a first deposit bonus going up to €2,000 and many other exclusive offers, including various live event tickets, leagues and online series!


Betsafe Poker is bringing fun back to poker. Poker with things that players love when playing cash games with friends and in home games.

  • Straddle: This is what players love at live poker tables, but miss online. Make it bigger, make it wild, put pressure on nits and win more.
  • 6-max is now a full ring: no more waiting around for nuts at tournaments. Players can also find 4-max and Heads-Up tables at Betsafe Poker tournaments and SNGs.
  • KO and KO free-buys: rewards for being brave and active. The most popular Knock-Out tournament format is coming to Betsafe Poker this year.
  • Big Stacks are perfect for those sick of small stacks and flipping preflop. At Betsafe Poker most of the tournaments start with 10,000 chips. This lets players check the flop with their favorite hand and hit something. Big stacks are great for creative players and for those who love to bluff.


Players just need to download the free app to their mobile device and enjoy the real money OFC, No-Limit Hold’em and Pot-Limit Omaha action! The app is available on both Android and iOS devices so everyone can be a winner playing on their phone or tablet anywhere they want. Betsafe Poker is also the only mobile app with real money Open Face Chinese poker games.